Our Employment Placement Services assist youths and adults with disabilities, aging individuals and veterans in conducting successful job searches.

Given the tough competition for employment at all levels and the reality that people with disabilities continue to be employed at lower rates than people without disabilities, employment preparation and placement assistance is more valuable now than ever before. Our Employment Placement Specialists provide the guidance young adults and adults with disabilities, aging individuals and veterans may need to conduct efficient and successful job searches. Job placement specialists help individuals identify their work preferences, match job skills with current labor market needs, improve interview techniques and develop solid resumes with the goal of successfully placing them in the workforce.

The Employment Placement Specialists help job seekers:

  • Prepare a job search plan
  • Clarify career goals and develop an understanding of the current job market and requisite skills
  • Utilize on-site resources to seek employment
  • Develop resumes, cover letters, thank you notes and references
  • Schedule practice interviews with professional business representatives
  • Arrange for interview appointments and interpreter services
  • Follow up with job leads and provide on-the-job support
  • Foster self-advocacy and navigate the job hunt process

Those interested in entering or reentering the workforce may also consider enrolling in one of our job training or business skills programs designed specifically for people with disabilities. We also offer school-to-work transition programs for young adults with disabilities to prepare them for the workplace.

Entrance requirements

Upon the completion of job training, individuals are referred by their instructors to an Employment Placement Specialist. Direct referrals for employment placement are also accepted from outside agencies.

To learn more about our Employment Placement Services, or make a referral, please drop us a line through our form below.


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